Officials mum on NATO protesters held since police raid

May 18, 2012

Three people apparently visiting Chicago to protest this weekend’s NATO summit remain locked up more than two days after their arrest in the Bridgeport neighborhood. But authorities aren’t saying when — or whether — they will charge the detainees with crimes.

The three were swept up during a Wednesday night police raid of an apartment they were visiting. A police report, according to the Chicago Tribune, depicts the arrests as part of a month-long investigation of a group suspected of making firebombs.

But Kris Hermes of the National Lawyers Guild said the only things the police took in the raid were beer-making equipment and cell phones.

“There’s been no evidence presented about any illegal activity or any wrongdoing, let alone weapons,” Hermes said. “It shows the city has a complete disregard for people’s constitutional rights.”

Hermes is demanding the protesters’ release or that they be charged and given a bond hearing. Six other protesters arrested during the raid were freed without charges Friday.

The State’s Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to our questions about the case. The police department declined to answer questions about it.