President, other public figures react to Colorado shootings

July 20, 2012

Associated Press and City Room Staff

President Barack Obama says the tragic movie theater shooting inColorado that left 12 people dead is a reminder that life is fragile. He says the event "reminds us of all the ways that we are united as one American family."

In Florida for a campaign swing, Obama asked for a moment of silence Friday and focused his shortened remarks exclusively on the tragedy.

Obama and challenger Mitt Romney both moved to pull down negative advertising. Romney, too, was scheduled to comment on the shooting during his own campaign appearance in New Hampshire.

Obama said the shooting underscores how "our time here is limited and it is precious." He said Friday should be devoted to prayer and reflection.

Meanwhile, the Rev. Jesse Jackson says he's saddened by the mass shooting at a suburban Denver movie theater and more needs to be done to prevent such violence.

The founder of the Chicago-based Rainbow PUSH Coalition says leaders need to do more than merely offer condolences and sympathy. He says the country also needs to change its policies and revive the ban on assault weapons.

Jackson says some people may argue for keeping a gun in their home for hunting or to use at a shooting range.

But the civil rights leader says there are too many guns in the hands of too many people. And he says something needs to be done to make America more secure.