Survey: CTA Riders want arrival screens, more shelter

January 28, 2013

Scott Kanowsky

A new survey is finding many CTA riders want more shelter from the elements and real-time arrival screens at bus and train stations.

A new survey shows Chicago transit riders want to know exactly when their next ride is—and be more comfortable while they wait.

The ongoing study comes from the Active Transportation Alliance, known as “Active Trans,” a local public transit advocacy group.

“People are really interested in real-time arrival screens, they’re interested in improving protection from the elements, from wind, as well as heat lamps when it’s cold,” said Lee Crandell, who headed the survey.

Crandell said the survey finds about 60 percent of riders rank shelter from inclement weather as their top concern at CTA bus stops.

“People want to see bus stations that offer more protection from the weather and allow them to experience transit more like they do the “L” versus the bus,” Crandell said.

More than 900 people have taken the survey so far.

According to Crandell, the group will share results with the CTA—which has proposed creating dedicated bus lanes along Ashland and Western avenues. A CTA spokesperson said the survey "will be taken into consideration" when that proposal "reaches the design phase."

The survey concludes on January 31st. You can find a link to it here.