U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald to talk about life after Chicago

May 24, 2012

DON BABWIN, Associated Press

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(WBEZ/Susie An, File)

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald plans to talk about his decision to step down as Chicago's top federal prosecutor.

Fitzgerald issued a written statement Wednesday saying he will step down at the end of June and take the summer off before considering other job possibilities.

At a Thursday news conference he will be asked about his decision and future plans.

Many who have followed his career say he will have no shortage of options after nearly a quarter century of prosecuting terrorists, mobsters, corrupt public officials and even an aide to a sitting vice president.

Among the possibilities being suggested for Fitzgerald: private law practice, general counsel of a Fortune 500 company or a high public office such as FBI director or attorney general.

Fitzgerald is married and has two children.