What did Jesse Jackson Jr. spend campaign funds on? Capes, fedoras and guitars

February 15, 2013

The Associated Press

A fedora once owned by Michael Jackson in the Motown Historical Museum is likely similar to the one Jesse Jackson Jr. bought.

A mink cashmere cape, Bruce Lee memorabilia, a Michael Jackson fedora and an Eddie Van Halen guitar are among property listed in a federal criminal complaint filed Friday against former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jackson Jr. was charged with spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal expenses.

The document lists a "football signed by American presidents" worth $5,000, thousands of dollars' worth of Martin Luther King Jr. memorabilia and four items purchased from a California furrier on the same day in 2009 for a total of $4,900. They included a mink cape and parka.

The complaint states the property is subject to forfeiture if Jackson is convicted of conspiracy.

Jimi Hendrix memorabilia and Malcolm X memorabilia also are listed as subject to forfeiture.

The manager of a California fur shop says he remembers purchases Jesse Jackson Jr. made in 2009 and described them to the FBI.

Paul Matsumoto of the Edwards Lowell Furrier and Fur Shop in Beverly Hills told The Associated Press on Friday that the former congressman purchased the four items worth $5,000 at "a charity event."

Prosecutors say Jackson used campaign money to purchase an $800 mink cashmere cape, a $1,500 black and red cashmere cape, a $1,200 mink reversible parka and a $1,500 "black fox reversible."

Matsumoto says he remembers the items because he described them to the FBI.

The property subject to forfeiture includes (according to the official charges):