Leadership Circle

Private contributions from listeners enable WBEZ to produce, acquire and distribute engaging, thoughtful, and entertaining programs. At times financial gifts provide an edge, and sometimes they even ensure survival. In either circumstance, they are critical.

Your commitment makes the difference.

While WBEZ is pleased to offer membership to all station contributors, thousands of listeners—from the city, the suburbs and beyond—support WBEZ with a more substantial annual gift of $1,000 or more ($84 monthly via the High Fidelity membership program).

Additional benefits for Leadership Circle Members:
-Two WBEZ MemberCards
-Three on-air dedications for you to announce a birthday or anniversary of a loved one
-Listing in Chicago Public Media's Annual Report
-An invitation to An Evening Inside the Broadcast Studio. Enjoy an exclusive and intimate evening bringing you conversation, insight and perspective that only Chicago Public Media can provide.


Most importantly, WBEZ's Leadership Circle members play a significant role in ensuring the continued success of a station that so many depend on, learn from and enjoy.


Who Joins WBEZ's Leadership Circle?
-You, the longtime member who maintains a great appreciation for the services WBEZ provides and has the means to make a more substantial gift.
-You, the internet listener who enjoys the depth and breadth of WBEZ's award-winning programs.
-You, the commuter who enjoys the long-form news coverage WBEZ provides on the way to and from work each day.


For more information about joining the Leadership Circle, please contact Nathan Biggs, Membership Coordinator, at 312-893-2984