Membership FAQ's

Q: How much money do I have to donate to become a “Member” of WBEZ?
A: There is no minimum level of donation to become a member, everyone who donates any amount as low as $1 is a member. Check out our Member Benefits to find out the different benefits you’ll receive at different levels of membership.
Q: Is my donation tax deductible?
A: Yes, but if you choose a thank-you gift, you must deduct the fair market value off your donation. We list that value on our Premium Gallery, and we’ll also let you know in your donation thank-you letter.
Q: Is my membership automatically renewed every year?
A: Not for one-time, yearly donations. We’ll ask you to renew next year if you give a one-time donation. If you join High Fidelity you do not need to renew, you will always be a member until you decide to cancel your monthly donations.
Q: How do I get my gift matched?
A: Thanks for asking! If your employer has a matching gift program, please fill out a matching gift form from your Human Resources Dept, and send it to WBEZ Matching Gifts – 848 E. Grand Ave, Chicago IL 60611. See our Matching Gifts section for more information.
Q: Can I change my mind about a thank-you gift?
A: Yes you can, but we request that you let us know as quickly as possible after making your initial donation.  Our small staff will be as accommodating as possible, but once the thank-you gift orders are placed, we cannot make any more changes.
Q: Where’s the thank-you gift I requested from the last pledge drive?
A: Thank-you gifts typically arrive at your home 5-6 weeks after a pledge drive. If you are concerned about your thank-you gift, please email or call us at 312.948.4855.
Q: Is the MemberCard a thank-you gift?
A: No, the MemberCard is an automatic membership benefit that comes with donating $120 per year or more (or $10/mo or more through High Fidelity). Pledging at that level automatically entitles you to receive the MemberCard, which is good for 2-for-1 discounts in the Chicago land area.
Q: Does WBEZ exchange its members’ names and email addresses?
A: We never exchange email addresses. Occasionally we do exchange some member names and addresses with other local non-profit institutions. If you would prefer to not be included in these exchanges, please shoot us an email or call us at 312.948.4855.
Q: How do I make an on-air dedication to mark a birthday or anniversary?
A: We will mail you an on-air dedication form along with your thank-you letter soon after you make your donation. Fill out that form and send it back in, and you’re all set! We’ll call you a few days before your on-air dedication to let you know the time it will air.
If you have additional questions or comments please email or call us at 312.948.4855.