The 3@3: Steve Dahl & Randi Belisomo take on NATO aftermath and the Tinley Park beatings

May 22, 2012

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Today on the 3@3, legendary Chicago disc jockey Steve Dahl and WGN Reporter Randi Belisomo take on the day's news.

Which include:

Steve Edwards:  The beatings at a Tinley Park restaurant have shocked the Chicago area. What exactly happened and what were the real motives for the violence?

Randi Belisomo: NATO has wrapped up, but news continues to break on arrested protesters. More felony charges were brought against some of the protesters today and the three men brought up on terrorism charges after being arrested in Bridgeport should be arraigned later this week. Where did these guys come from and is there a thriving radical community in Chicago?

Steve Dahl:  "#DiscoSucks was a better chant than what the #NATO protestors were saying. And exploding records beat paper airplanes." - Steve Dahl on Twitter.