The 3@3: Wolf Point development, Fire union negotiations and local media shake-ups

May 31, 2012

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Today's 3@3 features The Current's Geoff Dougherty and WBEZ's Lee Bey. They talk about the stories of the day with host Steve Edwards.

Today's topics:

Steve Edwards: The local media landscape continues to change with the current additions and subtractions at the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. What do you (former newspaper reporters) think of what Chicago mainstream media is doing?

Lee Bey: A new development is planned for Wolf Point. As you know, we’ve had two major plans unveiled for high-rise projects along the Chicago River within the last week or so – the first at Lake Street and the river, the second at Wolf Point.  What are the history and significance of these spots – and the design proposals therein?

Geoff Dougherty: Mayor Emanuel provided some of his thoughts on the current negotiation over the Fire Department contract. What does his approach mean when it comes do dealing with Chicago unions?