The 3@3: Weekend violence, early prison release and low Tony turnout

June 11, 2012

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Today on the 3@3, WBEZ's Richard Steele and Windy City Media Publisher Tracy Baim talk with Steve Edwards about the stories and topics of the day.

Which include:

Steve Edwards: IDOT looks to switch ramps on the Eisenhower, moving exit ramps from the left to the right.

Tracy Baim: This weekend we saw 40 hurt and six die from violence. What can we do to curb this violence? Otherwise, are we looking at a very long, very hot, Chicago summer?  

Richard SteeleEarly prison release has been suspended for a couple years now. With prison populations on the rise, is it time to bring back early release for good behavior? And a positive story: There was a 100 percent graduation rate from Golder College Prep.