Afternoon Shift


Jun. 21, 2012

On Thursday's Afternoon Shift we talk about hitting the road in a few ways.

First, the obvious- summer roadtrips. We talk with Jerome Pohlen, author of Oddball Illinois: A Guide to 450 Really Strange Places and Marissa Conrad, Associate Features Editor at Time Out Chicago about their picks for places to visit within driving distance. WBEZ staff add some tips as well and we've plotted them all on a handy map for you.

Touring hip-hop act Cadence Weapon stops by our studios for a live performance.

Listen to the first hour:

Listen to the second hour:

Author Chris Hayes says in order to fix our society the top 1% might need to hit the road, too. His book Twilight of the Elites lays the blame for our widening income gap on people who climbed the meritocracy.