The 3@3: Immigration in Chicago, vitamins and 'Unqualified American workers'

June 25, 2012

By Justin Kaufmann

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Today on the 3@3, Steve Edwards has Chicago Tribune's Mary Schmich and Chicago News Room's Ken Davis in the studio to talk about:

Immigration Reform Rally 2010

Steve Edwards: SCOTUS shot down four of the five provisions on the controversial immigration law in Arizona. The immigration ruling raises an interesting question. Can cities like Chicago that are considered "sanctuaries" be affected by the ruling?

Mary Schmich: The New York Times has a series of articles about calcium and Vitamin D. It seems like the need for these vitamins as we grow older may not be as great as we thought. So the question in: Do we really have to take vitamins?

Ken Davis: How are 600,000 jobs unfilled because Americans aren't qualified to do them?