Flashpoint: A Tale of Two Police Forces

How New York City and Chicago fight gun violence, a two city call-in from The Brian Lehrer Show and The Morning Shift

April 11, 2013

(Flickr/Bobbi Bowers)

WBEZ and WNYC are co-hosting a special two-city call-in to discuss how each city approaches the fight against gun violence.

We're live from both cities (9 a.m. CST and 10 a.m. EST) to discuss how the New York Police Department and Chicago Police Department are trying to curb violence, and how communities are reacting to different policing strategies.

Guests include:

  • Brian Lehrer, host of the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC
  • Tony Sarabia, host of the Morning Shift on WBEZ
  • Criminal justice professor Tracey Meares of Yale to discuss crime and policing in NYC vs. Chicago
  • WNYC reporter Kathleen Horan, who is covering both the "stop and frisk trial" and the effect of gun violence in her "In Harm's Way" series
  • WBEZ South Side Bureau Reporter Natalie Moore 
  • Plus your calls from Chicago and WNYC


How should your communities be policed? Chicagoans, are the police failing to bring down crime? New Yorkers, are the police keeping crime low but at too high a price in civil liberties? Is there a unified approach that could serve both cities' need?

Let us know:
Chicago: 312-923-9239
New York: 212-433-WNYC 
Twitter: @wbez and @brianlehrer #flashpoint