Radio M: David Bowie takes us on a flight, Spanish funk and new music from Syria's Omar Suleyman

omar souleyman, david bowie, federico aubele, Somali funk

November 22, 2013

Tony Sarabia

Couresty of
The unlikely pop start from Syria

Since 1994, Omar Souleyman has been performing a high energy brand of music known as dabke. The keyboiard driven sounds were brought to American ears courtesy of the Sublime Frequencies label.

His new albun Wenu Wenu is a propoer studio release (as opposed to the compliations that culled from his cassette recordings). We hear a track tongiht on Radio M.

Also, a classic Bowie cut from his Lodger album, bachata music from the Dominican Republic and Palestian inspired uindie rock from Milwaukee.



  1. David Bowie- African Night Flight- Lodger
  2. Black Motion- Mtshongolo- Mtshongolo
  3. Coati Mundi- Voyage Libertad to the Boat Dance- Dancing for the Cabana Code in the Land of Boo Hoo
  4. Omar Souleyman- Mawal Jamar- Wenu
  5. Ilayaraja- Thanimayil- Solla Solla Vol. 1
  6. The Kingstonians- Love is the Greatest Science- Caltone’s Jamaican’s 45’s 1966-69


  1. Marines e sua Gente- A Volta Do Baiao- Meu Benzim
  2. Moussu T e lei Jovents – Lo Dintre- Empeche Nous!
  3. Los Fulanos- The End of the World- Si Esto Se Acaba Que Siga el Boogaloo
  4. Steve Winwood- Why Can’t We Live Together- About Time
  5. Kamel el Harrachi- Ya Rayah- Ghana Fenou


  1. The Dur Dur Band- Hayeelin- Dur Dur Band Vol.5
  2. Fair Nick Stars- Arrete Mal Parle- Sofrito : Tropical Discotheque
  3. Painted Caves- Painted Caves- Painted Caves
  4. Federico Aubele- This Song- 5
  5. Luis Segura- Mi Muchachita- Bachata Roja: Amor y Amargue
  6. Norbert Yakari- Kioo Cha Nyumba- The World is Shaking: Cubanismo from the Congo 1954-55


  1. Dunkelbunt- Smile on Your Face- Morgenlandfarht
  2. Imperial Tiger Orchestra- Anchi Bale Game- Mercato Cat
  3. Los Speakers- Si La Guerra es Buen Negocio Invierte a Tus Hijos- En El Maravilloso Mundo de Ingenson
  4. Hoquets- 3 Regions 3 Communautes- Belgotronics
  5. Los Issufu & His Moslems- Kana Soro- Afro Beat Airways 2: Return Flight to Ghana 1974-83
  6. Nooshafarin- Gole Aftabgardoon-Sedayeh Del: Funk, psychedelia and pop from the Iranian pre-revolution generation