Worldview: The mysterious death of 'Prisoner X,' Luigi Zingales quits his party and greening youth through biking

February 19, 2013


Worldview: The mysterious death of "Prisoner X," Luigi Zingales quits his party and greening youth through biking

Worldview surveys the strange and fascinating story of Israel's "Prisoner X." The founder of a new political party in Italy explains why he quit the party just days before the election.

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"Prisoner X" was a Mossad agent  

Ben Zygier was a Mossad agent who killedhimself two years ago after being secretly held in Israel’s most secure prison.The Israeli government maintains that Zygier fed details about his missions toAustralian security services. The Israeli-Australian Zygier was known only as"Prisoner X" until a week ago, when Australian television identifiedhim and claimed that he worked as a spy. We’ll talk with blogger Richard Silversteinabout the strange twists and turns of the story.

Israel's 'Prisoner X' May Have Passed State Secrets : NPRThe Australian Broadcasting Corp. reports that the man identified as Ben Zygier "was arrested by his own spymasters after they believed h...
Luigi Zingales quits Act to Stop the Decline

A recent poll shows that nearly one third of Italian voters remain undecided just days before they head to the polls in a national election. Many believe that uncertainty stems from an electorate that is fed up with entrenched political divisions and decades of endemic corruption. Luigi Zingales, an economist at the University of Chicago, decided to do something about it. He co-founded a new political party to offer voters in his home country something different. But on Monday, in a bombshell Facebook post, he quit the party he helped start because of a brewing scandal, making front page news throughout Italy. Today, in his first major interview since his decision, Zingales tells Worldview if he has given up on the political system he hoped to change.
Luigi Zingales: Don't Rule Out Another Berlusconi ComebackEurope and the world are wondering what is wrong with Italy. How is it possible that Silvio Berlusconi might win the upcoming elections? ...
Climate Cycle encourages students to embrace sustainability

 When Joey Feinstein was riding through North Dakota on his bike, he encountered a farmer staring across his land. He told Joey, "It's changing out there." The farmer was speaking about the state of our climate. Joey’s life changed that day and he went on to create Climate Cycle - its mission is to inspire students to green the planet.
Climate Cycle - Environmental Non-profit and Youth Charity