Worldview: Hazara persecution in Pakistan, self-immolations in Tibet, and the music of Alexandre Desplat

February 20, 2013


Worldview: Hazara persecution in Pakistan, self-immolations in Tibet, and the music of Alexandre Desplat

A Pakistani journalist tells Worldview about the plight of his ethnic group. Earlier this month, a former Tibetan Buddhist monk became the 100th person to kill himself through self-immolation. Morning Shift host Tony Sarabia introduces Worldview to a French composer of film scores.

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Pakistan Shiites refuse to bury dead, demand protectionafp

Hazara killings in Pakistan 

The Hazara are a Shia people whooriginally come from Afghanistan, but wars and executions pushed them into Iranand Pakistan beginning in the late 19th century. For more than adecade, the Hazara have been targeted by militant groups in Pakistan, especially inQuetta City. Many Hazara, in protest, have refused to bury their dead untilthey receive adequate government and military protection. Mohammad Younasis a UK-based journalist. He's also Hazara. He’ll tell us about hispeople’s history, why they've been targeted and what the media may have missedabout the attacks.

Pakistan's Hazara Killings Bring Sunni Extremist Group Into FocusPakistan's failure to contain a hard-line Sunni group in an insurgency-plagued southwestern province threatens to come back to haunt it, ...

Self-immolations in Tibet hit a grim milestone

Many Tibetans have set themselves on fire as a means of protesting Chinese rule in Tibet. The use of self-immolation appears to be on the rise and intensifying. Worldview speaks with Elliot Sperling,

director of the Tibetan Studies program at Indiana University’s department of Central Eurasia Studies, and Lhakpa Tsering, president of the Tibetan Alliance of Chicago.

100th Self-Immolation Inside Tibet Is ReportedThe Tibetan man, Lobsang Namgyal, 37, formerly of Kirti Monastery, set fire to himself on Feb. 3 in front of an office of the public secu...
Global Notes: Alexandre Desplat looks for his Oscar

Music always plays a big role in the Oscars, from the staged numbers and live performers to the nominees. One of this year’s contenders is French composer Alexandre Desplat, who’s been nominated six times but has yet to take home a statue. He’s a prolific composer, having scored films like Fantastic Mr. Fox and this year’s Argo. This week on Global Notes, Morning Shift and Radio M host Tony Sarabia joins Worldview to take a look at some of Desplat’s work.
Alexandre Desplat - Argoliradrin