Worldview: The sequester and the military, art and revolution in Syria, and the hazards of flushing medication

February 25, 2013


Worldview: The sequester and the military, art and revolution in Syria, and the hazards of flushing medication

The March 1 deadline for the budget sequester is just around the corner, and defense cuts loom large. An art show in Indianapolis showcases the revolution in Syria. Why flushing unused pharmaceuticals is no longer the best way to go.

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Clifford May on the forthcoming US defense cuts (Bloomberg/Bottom Line)defendingdemocracy

The sequester and the military: As theJoint Chiefs of Staff made clear last week in a House Armed Services Committeehearing, the military would be dealt a significant blow. Most DefenseDepartment employees would take unpaid leave. The Army would have to slash 80percent of its ground forces. Health care for active and retired militarypersonnel would be slashed by $3 billion. And those are just a few examples.Michael Cohen, a U.S. political columnist for The Guardian, digs intothe details.

America's military can handle anything ... except a budget cutOn 1 March, the most dreaded word in Washington will become a fiscal reality - sequestration. Just those four syllables are enough to sen...
Syria, a revolution through art
Indianapolis is holding the world’s first exhibition of artwork from the Syrian revolution. The art comes from the Syrian town of Kafranbel, which has become known as the creative center of the uprising.  WBEZ’s Mike Puente went to the exhibit on Sunday. He’ll tell us how art is being used to fuel the revolution.
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EcoMyths: Flushing does not make pills go away

People often assume that the best way to dispose of unused pharmaceuticals is to flush them down the toilet or pour them down the drain. But the EPA and FDA backed off this recommendation for almost all drugs (exceptions are listed on the FDA website).  Medicines are among the thousands of “chemicals of emerging concern” that the EPA and the scientific community now monitor in our drinking water.  Jerome McDonnell and Kate Sackman from the EcoMyths Alliance discuss the pros and cons of flushing medicines with Olga Lyandres of the Alliance for the Great Lakes and Commissioner Debra Shore of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.
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