Worldview: Iran talks, politics in Egypt, sectarian strife in Ireland, and Hamburg's place in rock history

February 27, 2013


Worldview: Iran talks to the world, politics in Egypt, sectarian strife in Ireland, and Hamburg's place in rock history

Iran meets with global leaders. Egypt's opposition gets organized. Protestant and Catholics in Ireland strive to resolve decades of differences. In Global Notes, Tony Sheridan, the Beatles, and rock and roll in Hamburg, Germany.

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Will Iran nuclear talks end with a dealsasamforme

Iran talks about its nuclear program

Onthe first day of nuclear talks in Kazahkstan, the five permanent membersof the U.N. Security Council and Germany offered Iran limited sanctions reliefif the country agrees to limit its uranium enrichment and scale back itsnuclear weapons development. The Iranians have not yetresponded to the offer but the talks will continue Wednesday. Ahmed Sadri, a professor ofsociology and anthropology at Lake Forest College, tells Worldview how hethinks the Iranians will respond.

Iranian nuclear talks concludeTalks in Kazakhstan between world powers and Iran over its controversial nuclear programme have concluded. Details of the outcome have no...

 Egypt's opposition gets organized

Opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei recently called for a boycott of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, scheduled to begin in April. ElBaradei and other critics of President Mohamed Morsi say the new government has failed to follow through on its promise of inclusivity. The National Salvation Front, a coalition of liberal parties, say they want a law passed guaranteeing free elections before Egyptians head to the polls. Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations’ Chicago chapter, discusses the simmering political tensions.

Egypt opposition bloc to boycott electionThe National Salvation Front, the main opposition bloc in Egypt, announced that it would not participate in parliamentary elections sched...
Sectarian violence in Ireland

Earlier this year, a series of protests erupted in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The city council, led by a group of Catholic leaders, had ruled to limit the number of days the flag of the United Kingdom flew above city hall. Many of the protests turned violent, in some of the worst unrest since a 1998 peace deal ended 30 years of conflict. On one side are Catholic nationalists seeking union with Ireland. On the other are Protestant loyalists who want Belfast to remain part of the U.K. Belfast native Rev. Bill Shaw has spent decades working towards peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.  He is the director of 174 Trust, a non-denominational community-based organization that works in some of the most divided and disadvantaged areas of North Belfast. Today, he will be giving a lecture at 4:20 pm at the Schmitt Academic Center at DePaul University's Lincoln Park Campus. Now, he tells Worldview about his work and the recent violence.
Loyalist Belfast union flag protest leaders arrestedTwo leaders of the loyalist protests against Belfast city council's decison to restrict flying the union flag have been arrested. It is u...
Tony Sheridan & The Beatles - My Bonnie (My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean) (2011 Remaster)theonebeatlemaniac
Global Notes: Tony Sheridan, the Beatles and Hamburg

Tony Sheridan was a British rock singer and guitarist who died February 16 at the age of 72 in his adopted home of Hamburg, Germany. With Sheridan dies a first-hand account of a brief but pivotal moment in rock history. Located just across the water from England, Hamburg became a testing ground for young rock bands in the early 60s. Among the bands that played there were the Beatles, and in Sheridan they found an ally at a crucial stage in their development. On this week’s Global Notes, Jerome, Morning Shift/Radio M host Tony Sarabia and Julia Sneeringer, a professor of history at the City University of New York who is currently working on a book about the Hamburg scene, discuss the city's role in the Beatles' development and some of the lesser-known bands that thrived in the scene they left behind.
One-time Beatles frontman Tony Sheridan diesMcCartney nicknamed the British rocker 'The Teacher' for his influence on the group Tony Sheridan, the British rock 'n' roll guitarist an...