Worldview: The sequester as America's austerity, foreign films in Chicago and Steafán Hanvey

March 1, 2013


Worldview: The sequester as America's own austerity program, two foreign films come to Chicago and Steafán Hanvey

Is the sequester America's own austerity program? Milos Stehlik brings us two films worth checking out. We present our weekend picks, including a live performance from an Irish singer-songwriter.

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Sequester Countdown: The Reality of Budget Cutsabcnews

An American form of austerity?

The looming budget cutscoming via the sequester are a kind of de-facto austerity. Worldview takes alook at how this American form of austerity compares to similar programs put in place across Europe, fromthe U.K. to Italy. Many economists have blamed these programs for Europe's continued financial woes. Could the sequester damage our economy in a similar way? Financial Times columnist Gideon Rachman joins Worldview to give his take.

West complacent over why nations fail - FT.comThe success of a book can sometimes tell you as much about the times as about the book itself. That may be the case with Why Nations Fail...
Dropping mice on Guam

In recent days, one of the stranger stories out there is the so-called "mouse drop."  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced plans to drop almost 2,000 dead mice onto a section of the U.S. territory of Guam. The goal is to control the population of brown snakes. Animal rights groups say it is cruel and potentially harmful to other species, but the U.S.D.A. says it is important to get this population under control, and that too much misinformation about the project has spread around. Worldview helps sort things out.

US plan to control Guam's snake population with toxic mice angers PetaAnimal rights activists have dismissed as "absurd" and "cruel" the American government's plans to bombard Guam from the air with toxic de...

The horrors of war and the mysteries of love

Worldview film contributor Milos Stehlik tells about two new films worth seeing. Lore tells the story of five siblings traveling across Germany in World War II and discovering the truth about themselves and their country. Like Someone in Love is a Japanese film about people in modern Japan trying to survive amidst the alienation of modern life.

Lore Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Drama Movie HDmovieclipstrailers
Weekend Passport: Lost Mexican music, resources for travelers, and Steafán Hanvey in the studio

Global citizen Nari Safavi helps listeners plan their international weekend. We discuss a performance of recently discovered colonial-era Mexican music and a chance learn how to make your international trip happen on the cheap. Plus, Steafán Hanvey performs some tunes off his new album Nuclear Family.
Rediscovered Treasures III: Galant Music From Eighteenth-Century Spain and Mexico
When: March 2, 2013 at 8pm
Where: St. Michael Church of Old Town, Chicago,

"Rediscovered Treasures" is a continuing series of performances featuring Mexican music that has been lost to modern audiences. Presented by the Chicago Arts Orchestra, this performance is a chance to hear the sounds of the Spanish colonial era as never before.
Multilingual Chicago's Adventure Travel Day
When: Saturday, March 2, 1-5pm
Where: 2934 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

When the snow falls like it does right now in Chicago, it's hard not to feel the travel nibbling at you. If that is the case, Multilingual Chicago might have just the thing for you. Adventure Travel Day provides Chicagoans access to resources that might help them take their dream vacation without breaking their bank.

Steafan Hanvey | DESPERATION [Loving you] | (Official Music Video) HD Versionhelbird72
Steafán Hanvey's "Look Behind You!"
When: Saturday, March 2, 2013  7:30 pm
Where: 4626 N. Knox Ave, Chicago, IL

Singer-songwriter Steafán Hanvey grew up in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, just south of Belfast. His upbringing was steeped in the conflict between Irish nationalists and those who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom. This weekend, Hanvey brings his innovative performance-cum-multimedia presentation-cum-lecture, Look Behind You! A Father and Son's Impressions of The Troubles In Northern Ireland, to Chicago to educate people on the Troubles from a personal standpoint. Today, he joins Worldview to play some songs and talk about his project.