Worldview: Roman conclave begins, world history minute and Coptic and Orthodox leadership selection

March 12, 2013


Worldview: The conclave begins, a historical moment for Gandhi and selecting the Coptic and Orthodox leaders

Professor of theology William Cavanaugh weighs in on the beginning of the Roman Catholic conclave. John Schmidt helps us mark an important anniversary. Plus, leaders from the Coptic and Orthodox communities discuss how they pick their leadership. WBEZ's Alison Cuddy sits in for Jerome McDonnell.

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Papal Conclave Process: Inside the Process to Select a Pope in 2013abcnews

Conclave of cardinals begins

As cardinals cloister themselves inside the Vatican to choose new leadership, the Catholic church faces acrisis of credibility due to revelations of widespread sexual abuse by priestsand financial malfeasance in the Vatican itself. In addition, it appears that the axis of the church could be shifting toward the global south.DePaul University professor of theology William Cavanaugh joins Worldview to discuss these issues and the selection of the pontiff.

Last Tweet before Conclave: May Our Father hear & answer with love & mercy all prayers & sacrifices offered for fruitful outcome. God bless!Cardinal Napier
Last tweet before moving to Casa Santa Martha, and Mass to Elect a Pope. First Conclave meeting late Tuesday afternoon. Prayers needed.Cardinal Mahony
To think that the next Pope is somewhere in this gathering!!! #conclave Rory Coyle
Papal conclave to elect new pope set to beginA few pilgrims are present in St. Peter's Square as night falls on Monday, March 11. Roman Catholic cardinals from around the world will ...

World History Minute: the Salt March 

On this date in 1930, Mahatma Gandhi started his famed Salt March.  WBEZ history blogger John Schmidt transports us back in time to the beginning of the icon's legendary journey.

Mahatma Gandhi's 'light'guided Martin Luther King Jr. - Nirupama RaoHaving won our independence in a nonviolent struggle, Indians join Americans in celebrating the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s leade...

Coptic, Orthodox churches have their own leadership selection processes

As Roman Catholic cardinals converge on the Sistine Chapel to start the process of electing the next Pope, we take a look at how Coptic Christians and the Orthodox churches elect their leaders. Coptic Assembly of America Chairman Cameel Halim and Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon of All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church join us for primers.

Catholics can learn from how Coptic popes are elected | National Catholic ReporterWe are not able to monitor every comment that comes through. If you see something objectionable, please click the "Report abuse" button. ...