Worldview: Student debt in Canada, Congolese women and basketball, music from Mozambique

March 13, 2013


Worldview: Student debt in Canada, Congolese women and basketball, music from Mozambique

Worldview takes a look at the cost of higher education in Canada. Congolese women basketball players make it to the U.S. A unique band mixes the sounds of Europe and Africa. Alison Cuddy fills in for Jerome McDonnell

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Comparing student debt in Canada and the United States

Americansare not the only college students who end up with debt. Some 60 percent ofCanadians also finish university with loans they need to repay according to Alex Usher, president of the Toronto-based education firm Higher Education Strategy Associates. Usher joins Worldview to discuss the cost of higher education education in Canada.

Free tuition debated by students at University of Windsor - Windsor - CBC NewsUniversity students will debate Wednesday at the University of Windsor whether free tuition is possible in Canada. The Canadian Federatio...

Congolese basketball players' journey to the U.S.

Sarah Kazadi is a freelance journalist and producer at the CBS Sports Network. In the summer of 2012, she interned in her native country of Congo. There, she learned of a basketball club helping two young Congolese women achieve their dream of studying in the U.S. Recently, Sarah published an article about these two women in Newsweek and The Daily Beast. She tells Worldview how these women made it from Congo to the basketball courts of Arizona Western College. 

Congo's Female Basketball Players Shine on American CourtsTwo athletes bring their talent from Congo to the American court. From a distance, she looks like a walking tower. Her slim, six-foot-fou...

Global Notes: Monoswezi

Alison Cuddy and Morning Shift/Radio M host Tony Sarabia take a listen to Monoswezi’s new album, The Village. With members hailing from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Norway and Sweden, the group offers up a unique sound, including reinterpretations of traditional songs from Zimbabwe, the home country of lead vocalist Hope Masike.