Worldview: Iraq, 10 Years Later

March 19, 2013


Worldview: Iraq, 10 Years Later

Worldview examines the costs and benefits of the Iraq invasion on the eve of its tenth anniversary.

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Iraq 10 years on: the legacy of wartheguardian
Anthony Shadid's March 20, 2003 story on the invasion of #Iraq #10yearslaterThe Washington Post

An Iraqi-American author takes on the top misconceptions of Iraq

Worldview speaks with LaithSaud, an Iraqi-American and co-author of An Introduction to Islam for the 21st Century and visiting professor at DePaul University's Religious Studies Department. Saud breaks down what he sees as the predominant clichés about Iraq today andruminates on what the world would be like if the U.S. had not deposed SaddamHussein. To join in the conversation, call us at 312-923-9239 or send us a tweet@WBEZWorldview.

The #Iraq War began 10 yrs ago today - and has cost 16X what the Bush admin. predicted. Add up the $:
Mixed Views in Iraq on 10th Anniversary of US-Led InvasionWhile some Iraqis say life since then has improved somewhat, others are angry at the legacy left by war

Iraqi antiquities also victims of war

The U.S. invasion in Iraq had a profound impact on the country’s archaeological heritage.  Major archaeological sites were looted and museums displaying the country’s rich heritage were forced to close. A decade after the invasion, many of the items stolen from the country have still not been returned. One Iraqi-American family based here in Chicago found itself in a unique position to help safeguard some of the country’s important sites right after the invasion. They have continued to work to ensure that the country’s antiquities stay in Iraq. Iraqi-American Nader Hindo, director of Neareast Resources, tells us about their work.

Weapons Against VandalsAmerica's museums could help forestall radical Islam's destruction of cultural heritage.
#10th_anvrsry, despite violence, comedy theater is in prosperity, #national_theater #Baghdad, #Iraq Ibraheem
Iraqi arts scene in resurgence

Baghdad was once known for its thriving art and theater scene. These days, many Iraqi artists are working outside the country. In Iraqi Kurdistan,  with conditions still uncertain, theaters often remain empty because people are afraid to go to a play that might be considered too political. But according to Peter Friedrich and Ahmed Mohammed Taha, things are changing. Friedrich is the head of Drama and Film at the American University of Iraq, and Ahmed is an actor and filmmaker.  They join Worldview to discuss how theater has changed in the last ten years.
Iraq ten years on: Welcome to Baghdad, 'Capital of Culture' 2013 - Telegraph BlogsIf Glasgow and Liverpool can do it, so too can... er Baghdad. Ten years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi capital is styling it...