Worldview: Turkey, Ocalan, and the PKK, sectarian violence in Burma, and water scarcity in India

March 26, 2013


Worldview: Turkey, Ocalan, and the PKK, sectarian violence in Burma, and water scarcity in India

A nearly 30-year insurgency in Turkey could be over. Muslims and Buddhists are at odds in Burma. A Chicagoan discusses her documentary on water issues in India.

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PKK leader calls for ceasefire in Turkeyaljazeeraenglish

Turkey and Ocalan strike a deal

The Kurds are an ethnic group spread mostly between Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. They have never had their own country despite numbering over 30 million. Since 1984, the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, has fought the government of Turkey for independence. Since 1999, Abdullah Ocalan, the PKK's founder and nominal leader, has been imprisoned as the violence continued. But last week,Ocalan struck a cease-fire deal.  Can ithold? Michael Gunter, a professor of political science at Tennessee Tech University, has written 18 books on the Kurds and met Ocalan in person. He discusses the cease-fire deal with Worldview.

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Muslims and Buddhists at odds in Burma

Sectarian violence between Buddhists and Muslims in central Burma is spreading, despite a state of emergency and the deployment of security forces. Mosques and homes have been ransacked. This comes after more troops arrived in Meiktila, where at least 30 people have reportedly died since Wednesday. Worldview gets an update on the unrest from Brad Adams, executive director of Human Rights Watch's Asia Division.

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Water scarcity remains big problem in India

In 2007, Chicagoan Ann Feldman got caught in a water riot in Southern India. That inspired her to make a documentary about water scarcity in Rajasthan. She enlisted some of her Northwestern University students to participate. The finished documentary, Water Pressures, screens this week on WTTW Channel 11. Feldman hopes the film will inspire other young people to get involved in water issues. Director Bill Natale stops by to talk about the project with Worldview.
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