Worldview: Afghanistan takes over Bagram, India's slums and celebrating Bebo Valdés

March 27, 2013


Worldview: Afghanistan takes over Bagram, India's slums, and celebrating Bebo Valdés

Despite recent criticism from Hamid Karzai, the United States continues to hand his government more control over its affairs. India's legendary slums are now home to 1 in 6 of all urban Indians. On Global Notes, remembering the music of Bebo Valdés.

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Afghans now in control of most major military prisons

This week, Afghanistan took full controlof the Bagram military prison from the United States. Afghan President Hamid Karzai hailsthe move as a major leap forward in U.S./Afghan relations. Karzai’s praise is aturnaround from his recent comments that the US was colluding with the Talibanto keep Afghanistan weak. Sarah Chayes of the Carnegie Endowment talks to Worldview aboutthe political maneuvering and other problems in Afghanistan.

US hands over Bagram prison to AfghanistanAfghanistan has taken full control of Bagram military prison from the US, as US-led forces wind down more than a decade of war. On Tuesda...
India’s slums 

A new report says that one in six people living in India’s urban areas lives in slum housing. Those homes are normally crowded, cramped and lack indoor toilets and running water. Dr. Sunil Kumar of the London School of Economics and Political Science studies urban housing issues in India. Today, he tells Worldview what the Indian government is doing to tackle the problem.
1 In 6 Indian City Dwellers Live In SlumsMUMBAI, India - About one in six Indian city residents lives in an urban slum with unsanitary conditions that are "unfit for human habita...
Bebo Valdes : Bebo's Blues ( Live)manhatin
Global Notes: Bebo Valdés

Jerome and Morning Shift and Radio M host Tony Sarabia remember the life of legendary Cuban musician, pianist and composer Bebo Valdés, who died last week at the age of 94.
Bebo Valdés, Giant Of Cuban Music, Is Dead : NPRThe pianist and composer/arranger was a prime mover in the international musical exchange that was Havana in the middle of the 20th Centu...
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