Worldview: North Korea's rattling saber, Russia pressures NGOs and 'Spring Breakers' review

March 29, 2013


Worldview: North Korea's rattling saber, Russia pressures NGOs, "Spring Breakers," and international music and theater

An A.P. journalist discusses Russia's penchant for raiding the offices of N.G.O.'s operating in the country. Milos Stehlik on James Franco's latest film. Nari Safavi helps plan your international weekend.

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Tensions rise on Korean peninsulaaljazeeraenglish

Tensions hit fever pitch on Korean peninsula

On Friday, NorthKorean state media reported that Kim Jong-un had ordered missileunits to be ready to strike the United States and South Korea. This comes just aday after two American stealth bombers flew over the Korean Peninsula in a militaryexercise. Bruce Cumings, author of The Korean War: A History, and professor at the University of Chicago, tells Worldview whether he thinks NorthKorea poses a real security threat.

Kim Jong-un of North Korea Orders Missile ReadinessSEOUL, South Korea - North Korean state media said Friday that the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, had ordered his missile units to be rea...

Russia raids N.G.O.s, works out military on Black Sea

In recent weeks, a slew of non-governmental organizations inRussia have been raided by authorities. According to some estimates byactivists, up to 2,000 NGOs have been searched by government prosecutors andtax inspectors. The Associated Press’ Max Seddon joins Worldview fromMoscow to explain what’s behind the raids. He also gives an update onRussian military drills in the Black Sea ordered by President Vladimir Putinearly Thursday morning.

Putin: Raids on NGOs are to check foreign fundingMOSCOW (AP) - Russian authorities are raiding non-governmental organizations to make sure they comply with a law intended to stem foreign...
Milos Stehlik on James Franco in "Spring Breakers"

Film contributor Milos Stehlik explains why he was so impressed with James Franco’s performance in “Spring Breakers.”
*Spring Breakers* Official Trailer #1 Starring James Franco, Selena Gomez (2013) [HD]constipatedowl
Weekend Passport: Traditional performances for women's rights, and Caribbean creation myths, and Lila Downs

Global citizen Nari Safavi helps listeners plan their international weekend. This week, Worldview finds out about a performance piece featuring Caribbean creation myths, an awards show by an organization promoting female empowerment through performance, and the idiosyncratic and variegated international music of Lila Downs.

Women and Girls Inspiring Change 2013

When: Saturday, March 30, 1pm to 3pm

Where: International House Assembly Hall, University of Chicago, 1414 E. 59th St, Chicago

Global Girls, Inc. has been around for 13 years. The organization promotes women's rights and empowerment through performance. This weekend, they will be giving out their yearly awards, plus featuring a few of their performances.
March 30th: Women and Girls Inspiring Change ‹ Global GirlsAlso featuring culturally diverse performances, videos of Global Girls India trip and Global Girl program presentations Tickets are $20 i...

Proyecto Theriac by Rey Anjudar....part of Caribbean Voices Project

When: Friday and Saturday, March 29- 30, 2013....8 pm....only 2 shows.

Where: Aguijon Theater, 2707 N. Laramie Ave, Chicago

Proyecto Theriac is a performance at the Aguijon Theater based upon the writings of Puerto Rican writer Rey Andujar, involving dancing, poetry, and sound. Primarily a fiction writer, Andujar is fascinated by the connection between the body, writing, literature, and language, and this project is a chance to explore those connections while telling the stories of various creation myths from throughout the world.
Aguijon Theater - obras pasadas|past works: Proyecto TheriacJuan Carlos Bueno (Funko) nace en la Ciudad de México. Emigra a los Estados Unidos a los 20 años. Desde el 2004 experimenta con músicas y...

Lila Downs with Cumbia Machin band.

When:  Saturday, March 30, 2013, 7:30 pm

Where:  Congress Theater, 2135 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago 

Tickets: $25

Lila Downs is a half-Mexican and half-Scottish singer-songwriter from Minnesota who mixes her indigenous Mexican heritage with musical tastes of a truly global scale. She has won a Latin Grammy and played at everything from the World Sacred Music Festival to the Pan-American Games...and this weekend, she comes to Chicago' Congress Theater
Lila Downs: La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)eddiemerks