Worldview: The politics of debt and the Eurozone crisis, the Census worldwide, and spreading hope around the world

April 4, 2013


Worldview: The politics of debt, the Census worldwide and spreading hope around the world

Examining the state of the debt crisis with Stephen Nelson of Northwestern University. How to help a developing country get back on track with its Census. Worldview speaks with a group who encourages faith-based activism the world over.

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The Euro debt crisis plods on

This week the finance minister of Cyprus resigned as thegovernment begins an investigation into how the country’s economy nearlycollapsed. Reports have also emerged that a company with close ties to Cypriotpresident Nicos Anastasiades withdrew its funds from the island right before thecountry agreed to a bailout plan. Meanwhile, the EU is sufferingfrom record unemployment. We take stock of the Euro debt crisis withStephen Nelson, a political economist from Northwestern University whostudies the politics of debt.

After Cyprus, how many more crises can the euro survive?At one level the eurozone debt crisis has always been about how losses will be divided. It was good news of a sort, then, that Jeroen Dij...
Why are censuses important, and how are they administered?

Having good population data is critical to a country’s ability to function. Data helps countries decide how to use economic resources, apportion political representation and inform business leaders. But sometimes, countries go a long time without a Census. Glenn Ferri of the United States Census Bureau talks about his work helping developing countries who have been remiss on keeping track of their populations get back on track.
UN population agency begins Burma census preparationsCensus experts from around the globe met in Burma this week to begin preparations for the country's 2014 Population and Housing census. A...
Global Activism: Bright Hope International

Bright Hope International helps faith communities provide aid and assistance to the extremely poor in some of the world’s most challenged countries. The group works in areas such as crisis response and orphan relief, and it recently started a program to rescue girls from the sex trade in northern India. We’ll talk with C.H. Dyer, CEO and president of Bright Hope.
Mission Network News(Image courtesy Bright Hope International) Zambia (BHI/MNN) ― "Kasuba" is the Bemba word for "sun." It is also the name of Bright Hope Za...