Worldview: Crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the US State Department reaches out to young people

April 10, 2013


Worldview: Crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the U.S. State Department reaches out to young people

The former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea discusses tensions in the region. Worldview examines the U.S. State Department's Global Youth Program. A National Park Service historian on America's World Heritage sites.

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Christopher Hill on Kim Jong Un: "This is really one of the more pathetic examples of a leader I’ve ever seen."

Former U.N. Ambassador Christopher Hill on the Korea crisis

OnTuesday, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned that the crisis on theKorean peninsula may become "uncontrollable." Christopher Hill, former U.S. ambassador to South Korea and current dean of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, explains what's behind the current crisis.  Hill, who headedsix-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program, this week called North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "one of the more pathetic examples of a leader I'veever seen."

Former US official: North Korean leader is one of the more pathetic heads of stateNorth Korea is known for its brinksmanship behavior. But its actions in recent weeks has set off more alarm bells than usual. It has stea...

The State Department turns its diplomacy efforts toward young people

The U.S. State Department's  Office of Global Youth Issues runs a series of initiatives to help address issues that affect young people around the world, including programs that provide skills training for jobs and projects that promote political participation. Zeenat Rahman, special adviser to the Secretary of State for Global Youth Issues, tells us more about the government's efforts to connect young people around the globe. Libyan Amani Al Ogbi also joins the conversation  She has benefited from the program, and is trying to pass that benefit along to women in her home country.

.@Zeenat Rahman spearheads @StateDept initiatives to involve #GlobalYouth. Mission Uganda

The Nazis and environmentalism

WBEZarchitecture blogger Lee Bey takes a look at the connection between Nazism andthe modern green movement in Germany. 

Brown and Green: Were the Nazis forerunners of environmental movements? - Jewish World FeaturesBlack Forest, Germany. Photo by Getty Image A wave of research studies that began in the 1990s is focusing on the possible connection bet...
The state of U.S. Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage sites aim to help preserve the world's cultural and natural heritage. The Nixon administration first proposed the World Heritage Convention in 1972, but these days World Heritage Sites have wider recognition in other countries. The U.S. has fewer sites than Mexico, China or Russia. Phyllis M. Ellin, a historian from the National Park Service, joins us to discuss why that's the case.
World Heritage in the United StatesVoluntary Nominations All member nations of the World Heritage Convention voluntarily nominate their own sites embracing superlative natu...