Worldview: For Earth Day, test your environmental knowledge, and music from The Sultan's Dilemma

April 24, 2013


Worldview: For Earth Day, test your environmental knowledge, and music from "The Sultan's Dilemma"

Worldview presents our listeners a quiz on environmental issues, and WBEZ's Tony Sarabia brings us a live performance of new music from "The Sultan's Dilemma."

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Happy Earth Day! #Nola Harris-Perry

Worldview's Environmental Quiz

Monday was Earth Day. To mark this occasion, Worldview invites our listeners to test their knowledge on everythingfrom climate change to organic baby food. Plus, Howard Learner from theEnvironmental Law and Policy Center and WBEZ environment blogger Chris Bentleystop by to chat. Call 312-923-9239 to play!

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Global Viral Videos: North Korea's police, unlikely net sensations

WBEZ digital content editor Tim Akimoff explains why North Korea’s traffic police have become a YouTubesensation despite the fact many people in the country have never even heard ofthe internet.

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Global Notes: Ronnie Malley scores "The Sultan's Dilemma"

Musician and composer Ronnie Malley joins us in studio to perform some of the music he has written for a new production of the play 'The Sultan’s Dilemma.'  Written by Tawfiq Al Hakim, an absurdist playwright from Egypt in the vein of Samuel Beckett, the play explores issues of power, freedom and gender. 'The Sultan's Dilemma' will be performed this weekend at the University of Chicago’s International House.