Worldview: Chemical weapons in Syria, human rights in Pakistan, and the life of Violeta Parra on film

April 25, 2013


Worldview: Violence in Nigeria, human rights in Pakistan, and the life of Violeta Parra on film

Kelechi Kalu helps Worldview understand the latest round of violence in Nigeria. Following Jerome's trip to Pakistan, Worldview examines women's rights in the country. Milos Stehlik shares his thoughts on a new film about a Chilean musician.

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Scores killed in Nigeria violencealjazeeraenglish
Nigeria violence kills at least 185Fighting between Nigeria's military and Islamist extremists killed at least 185 people in a fishing community in the nation's far northea...
(Photo) #SecKerry met with #Nigeria’s FM Ashiru @StateDept this morning. of State

In Nigeria, conflict between Islamist extremists and the military

On Friday, violence eruptedbetween soldiers and Islamist extremists in the Nigerian community of Baga,reportedly killing over 180 people and destroying almost 2,000 homes. Kelechi Kalu, Ohio State University associate provost for Global Strategies and InternationalAffairs, joins Worldview to discuss what happened and explain how the government plans to deal with thechallenges currently at hand.

RT @maxboot: Our failure to follow up in #Libya continues to haunt us--now in #Nigeria. My take:
Worldview Update: Venezuela's elections, AP makes another style change

Justin Mitchell fills us in on the latestdevelopments of recent stories. Today, he brings us up to speed on the recent electionsin Venezuela and some new changes to the A.P. Stylebook that reverberate allthe way to Syria.
Pakistan Ulema Council in a unanimous decree says use of vote by women in elections is a religious obligation Pakistan
Women outnumber men in #Pakistan's medical schools via @HuffingtonPost cc @unwomenpakistanUN Women
A history of women's rights in Pakistan

Pakistan has a long and complicated history when it comes to women’s rights. In 1988, the country elected Benazir Bhutto as prime minister. She became the first woman elected to head a Muslim country. The country’s constitution bans violent abuse of women, but at times social pressure and honor have proved stronger than the law. We take a look at the history of women’s rights in Pakistan with Zerqa Abid, a Pakistani American and campaign manager for Project Sakinah, which works on issues of domestic violence and gender rights in the Muslim community.
Taliban, taboos bar millions of women from Pakistan votePakistani human rights activists in Lahore hold candles during a rally on the eve of International Women's Day. (AFP) Next month's electi...
Milos Stehlik on Violeta Went to Heaven

Violeta Went to Heaven, the latest film by Andrés Wood, tells the story of the internationally acclaimed Chilean musician Violeta Parra. Worldview film contributor Milos Stehlik tells us why it’s a film worth seeing.
Violeta Went to Heaven - Official Trailer [HD]moviecliptrailer