Worldview: Elections in Pakistan, EcoMyths and violence in Nigeria

April 29, 2013


Worldview: Elections in Pakistan, cutting down trees to kill a pest, violence in Nigeria

Pakistanis will vote in parliamentary elections on May 11. In EcoMyths, Worldview examines better ways to rid us of the wood-boring beetle. Violence continues to plague Nigeria.

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Violence, threats as Pakistani elections loom

Pakistan's campaign season has beenmarked by violence. The Pakistani Taliban has directly threatened themain secular coalition partners in the outgoing government and one candidatewas killed earlier this month in an attack that was claimed by the Taliban. Hasan Askari Rizvi, professor emeritus of political science at PunjabUniversity, tells Worldview about the candidates and shares his predictions.

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Pakistani billionaire says Pakistan needs to pursue austerity plan after elections.…AmericansForPakistan

EcoMyths: Better ways to get rid of the wood-boring beetle

The Emerald Ash Borer is a wood-boring beetle that's killed tens of millions of ash trees in the U.S. and is on its way to potentially ruining millions more. Cutting down these trees is just one way to get rid of the pest, but many experts say it’s not enough. Jerome and Kate Sackman from EcoMyths Alliance talk with two experts about other options and the tree's significance to Chicago.

Wood-Boring Beetles in Homes Management Guidelines--UC IPMUC IPM Home > Homes, Gardens, Landscapes, and Turf > Wood-Boring Beetles in Homes Pests of Homes, Structures, People, and Pets Revised 6/...
Sectarian violence continues to sweep Nigeria

Earlier this month, violence erupted between soldiers and Islamist extremists in the Nigerian community of Baga, reportedly destroying thousands of homes and killing over 180 people, although the death toll remains disputed. Kelechi Kalu, Ohio State University associate provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs, joins Worldview to talk about the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and the current challenges at hand.

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