Worldview: Pakistan’s elections, stingray tourism and a play on sex trafficking

May 9, 2013


Worldview: Pakistan’s elections, stingray tourism, a multimedia play on sex trafficking and animal protection

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Tourism changes stingray behavior in the Cayman Islands

According to some estimates, tourists spend more than 165 billion dollars a year on activities observing wildlife. Take Stingray City in the Cayman Islands, for example. There, painter and conservationist Guy Harvey approximates that a single ray can bring in up to $10,000,000 over the course of its lifetime. But what impact is tourism having on the stingrays themselves? For one thing, they’ve ditched a nocturnal lifestyle. University of Rhode Island researcher Brad Wetherbee joins Worldview to explain how tourism is affecting Stingray behavior at Stingray City.

Swimming With Stingrays Can Harm Stingrays - TakePartApr 19, 2013 ... Guess what's not fun for a stingray? Photo-hungry tourists in their home waters!
Supplemental Feeding for Ecotourism Reverses Diel Activity and ...Southern stingrays, Dasyatis americana, have been provided supplemental ... Citation: Corcoran MJ, Wetherbee BM, Shivji MS, Potenski MD...
Global Activism: Animal welfare advocate takes her mission to the world

Karen Menzcer loves animals. While  traveling abroad as part of her work in international development,  she was distressed by the situation for animals. She was also heartened by animal welfare advocates in poor countries doing heroic work on shoestring budgets. Upon returning to the U.S., Karen started Animal Kind International (AKI).  AKI raises awareness and funds. The group also collects supplies for animal welfare advocates in poor countries.  Karen will tell us why she feels the organization is needed.
Animal-Kind InternationalWe are a 501(c)(3) US registered tax exempt charitable organization. We send 100% of your...
"Roadkill" is a multimedia play that pulls audience into the vulgarity of sex trafficking

Based on real experiences, ROADKILL is a multimedia story of a young woman from Nigeria who has been trafficked to Scotland into prostitution. The performance, staged in a deplorable basement apartment,  includes video and animation at an off-site location that pulls the audience into the traumatic and violent experiences of the victim in real-time. Director Cora Bissett will talk about her work. Roadkill runs at Chicago Shakespeare Theater May 11-26

Edinburgh Festival 2010: Roadkill - do you know what you're in for ...Aug 12, 2010 ... Likewise Roadkill – directed by Cora Bissett, with text by Stef Smith – derives its raw theatrical power from giving u...
Chicago Shakespeare Theater - Roadkill - VideoCreator and director Cora Bissett discusses Roadkill, the realities of sex trafficking, and her confrontation of the issue. Content War...