Worldview: Pakistani elections, religious violence in Burma and conflict in Syria

May 14, 2013


The implications of a Nawaz Sharif victory in Pakistan. Sectarian violence continues in Burma. And a look back at May 14, 1796 when Edward Jenner began performing vaccinations against smallpox.

Worldview: Pakistani election update, religious violence in Burma and the continued conflict in Syria

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The implications of a Nawaz Sharif victory in Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif fought with the military, proposed to put Sharia law in Pakistan's constitution and has an authoritarian streak. On the other hand, he builds great infrastructure, has great governing capacity and is tight with the Clintons. We ponder what a strong Muslim League-Nawaz government means for Pakistan and the United States. 
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A view from inside Aleppo

The BBC's Middle East correspondent Paul Wood is just back from Aleppo. His reporting will be featured in a one-hour special on the BBC Newshour.  Paul takes us inside Aleppo, which has been devastated by the country's civil war.
Photo: girl sells bread among rubble in Syria, where war has left tens of thousands dead World
World History Minute: May 14, 1976
May 14, 1796was a landmark in medical history. On this date, Edward Jenner began performingvaccinations against smallpox. WBEZ history blogger John Schmidt explainshow the English physician tested and popularized the important vaccine.
BBC - History - Edward JennerJenner was an English doctor, the pioneer of smallpox vaccination and the father of immunology. Edward Jenner was born in Berkeley, Glouc...
Jenner - Timelines - History of VaccinesEdward Jenner, born in mid-18 th century England, would eventually become one of the most famous scientists in medical history and the so...

Sectarian violence continues in Burma

A report released by Human Rights Watch last month found that more than 125,000 ethnic Rohingya have been "forcibly displaced," and that "ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity" have been committed against the Rohingya people.  Human rights physician Nora Rowley has just returned from a humanitarian mission to Rakhine State in Burma. She updates on the situation.
Report documents 'Rohingya persecution'Ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity have been committed against Myanmar's ethnic Rohingya people, according to a new report by H...