Dance institution finds new home due to violence concerns

Owner filled with nostalgia after nearly five decades in same spot

September 21, 2012

Richard Steele and Cassidy Herrington

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(WBEZ/Cassidy Herrington)
The Mayfair Academy of Fine Arts, a community institution on the South Side, is moving to a new location after nearly a half century at 79th Street.

After nearly five decades in the same location, a South Side community institution just moved. The Mayfair Academy of Fine Arts is celebrating its new home with a building dedication Saturday.

The dance school is only moving a few miles away. But Mayfair’s owner hopes that’s a world away from the violence that plagued the school’s old home on 79th Street.

WBEZ’s Richard Steele takes a tour with the owner in the audio above.

NOTE: Adam Peindl helped produce this report.