Lisa Sowle Cahill on Bioethics, Justice, and the Common Good

November 14, 2012

Lisa Sowle Cahill

Lisa Sowle Cahill is a longtime professor of theology at Boston College and a past president of the Society of Christian Ethics. One of her main research interests is bioethics, the study of the profound philosophical implications of biological and medical procedures, treatments, and technologies. Cahill has advised U.S. bishops on issues surrounding AIDS, and presented at the Vatican about women’s health care. She is noted for her work in the areas of Catholic social ethics, sex and gender ethics, and the history of Christian ethics. 


The recipient of the 2008 John Courtner Murray Award from the Catholic Theological Society of America for her “outstanding and influential contributions in diverse areas of Christian ethics,” Cahill is the author of eight books and editor of five others, including Love Your Enemies: Discipleship, Pacifism, and Just War Theory, Theological Bioethics: Participation, Justice, and Change, and Genetics, Theology, Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Conversation. Cahill is the J. Donald Monan, S.J., Professor at Boston College, and also has been a member of the Catholic Health Association Theology and Ethics Advisory Committee, the National Advisory Board for Ethics in Reproduction, and the March of Dimes National Bioethics Committee. She has given testimony to the National Bioethics Advisory Commission on fetal tissue research and on cloning. 
Elmhurst College is a leading liberal arts college located eight miles west of Chicago. The College’s mission is to prepare its students for meaningful and ethical work in a multicultural, global society. Approximately 3,400 full- and part-time students are enrolled in its 23 undergraduate academic departments and 11 graduate degree programs.
Recorded Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at Elmhurst College.