OUTSIDERS: Zines, Samizdat, and Alternative Publishing

April 6, 2013


OUTSIDERS: Zines, Samizdat, and Alternative Publishing explores the use of self-produced books and pamphlets to express individualized, unconventional, controversial, or prohibited messages. Topics covered range widely in historical and geographical terms, and the speakers will address the current state of self-publishing as well as its history. 

Amateurs and Their Discontents, 1870-2000 with Lisa Gitelman, Associate Professor of Media and English, New York University.

Pinko vs. Punk: a Generational Comparison of Alternative Press Publications and Zines with Jenna Freedman, Zine Librarian, Barnard College Library.

Panel Discussion: Self-Publishing as an Alternative Strategy with Alice Schreyer, Assistant University Librarian for Humanities, Social Sciences, and Special Collections, The University of Chicago Library; Davida G. Breier, Editor, Xerography Debt and Rigor Mortis; Johanna Drucker, Martin and Bernard Breslauer Professor of Information Studies, UCLA; Anne Elizabeth Moore, Instructor, Visual and Critical Studies, School of the Art Institute; Steve Tomasula, Associate Professor of English, University of Notre Dame.




Recorded live Saturday, April 6, 2013 at The Newberry Library.