Poets Who Open Doors

July 20, 2012

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From left to right: Kristy Bowen, Jennifer Karmin, Susan Yount, Johanny Vasquez Paz, Emily Rose Kahn-Sheahan, and Shanny Jean Maney.

There are people who work tirelessly to create opportunities for other artists and writers to get their work out in front of the world—the editors, curators, and people who staff arts organizations. Although some are better known for opening doors, many of these people have vibrant writing practices of their own. This reading will provide an opportunity to get to know the poetry of several such women. Featured readers include Kristy Bowen (dancing girl press), Shanny Jean Maney (The Encyclopedia Show), Jennifer Karmin (Red Rover Reading Series), Emily Rose Kahn–Sheahan (Louder Than A Bomb), Johanny Vasquez-Paz (Palabra Pura, Guild Complex), and Susan Yount (Arsenic Lobster and The Poetry Brothel).

The audio to this event is in two parts. The first portion is accessible using the audio player above. Use the audio player below to listen to the second half:


Recorded Friday, July 20, 2012 at Woman Made Gallery.