Reporters' Notebook: How many bats are in Chicago's Loop and where do they hang out?

After nearly stepping on a bat this past summer, a curious citizen wants to know from where it came

January 8, 2013

Jennifer Brandel and Logan Jaffe

Editor's note: We created a illustrated interactive presentation that explains where bats hang out in Chicago

Curious City is a news-gathering experiment designed to satisfy the public's curiosity. People submit questionsvote for their favorites, and WBEZ reports out the winning questions in real time, on FacebookTwitter and the timeline above.  

This round's winner is Rory Keane from Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. He wonders: "Just how many bats live in the Loop? What are their favorite hangouts?" Curious City's lead producer Jennifer Brandel and intern Logan Jaffe will be dusting off sonar gear and finding guano-resistant clothing to find out. 

Ever seen bats in Chicago? Where and when? Comment below!