The wild parrots of Chicagoland

We begin our look into how these tropical birds spread and thrive — even in our frigid, blustery winters

July 12, 2013

Curious Citizen Leanne Roddy of Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood heard about a strange phenonomenon from a friend of hers who nannies in Hyde Park: bright green tropical parrots ... in the decidedly non-tropical wilds of our region. Basically, she wanted to know: "What's the deal?"

We put the case to pirate-fan and WBEZ web producer Tricia Bobeda. She'll be putting on her peg leg, eye patch to see what she can find (with that one eye). Below, you can track her progress as she gets answers, but if you have leads or a point for us to consider, please comment below! Seriously ... your comments count!

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