EcoMyths: It's a myth that 'Green Thumbs' are born, not made

April 29, 2014

(AP Photo/Lee Reich)
This undated photo shows, if applied regularly and in sufficient amounts, compost or wood chips could provide all the nutrients your plants need -- with a bit of soybean meal for a few years if a soil is very poor, in New Paltz, New York. To get the most out of any organic fertilizer, keep in mind how plants feed and how fertilizers act in the soil.

The long, harsh winter may have delayed things a bit, but it’s now time to get moving on your garden. For our EcoMyths segment, Lauren Umek, PhD candidate & Presidential Fellow of  Plant Biology and Conservation at Northwestern University/Chicago Botanic Garden and Bryant Scharenbroch who runs the MASS soil science program at Morton Arboretum, join Kate Sackman from EcoMyths Alliance to tell us why soil matters in cultivating your green thumb.