Global Activism: ART WORKS Project features the exhibit "Picturing Change"

October 31, 2013

Photo by Marcus Bleasdale. Courtesy of ART WORKS
Children play in the forest by their farm during harvest season in Kenya. The rights of Kenyan children are being advocated for by the Kenyan Alliance for Advancement of Children.

We talk with Global Activist Leslie Thomas, executive and creative of ART WORKS Project. Friday, November 1, 2013, Leslie will host “Picturing Change,” "a photo auction and dinner to celebrate the role of art and design in making a difference for human rights. Molly Roberts, senior picture editor of Smithsonian Magazine will curate the exhibit.The theme is “Uncommon Beauty." Images will reflect the beauty found even in the most challenging situations and our common humanity and resiliency."

Their first programs will include, "A discussion of sexual trafficking with partners from the Voices and Faces Project and CAASE, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation and feature work by James Whitlow Delano on sexual trafficking in Moldova."