Global Activism: Notre Dame Priest gives drinking wells and hope in Uganda

March 13, 2014

Courtesy of Father Emmanuel Katongole

Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Joliet has partnered to build drinking wells in Uganda with a Ugandan Priest, Emmanuel Katongole, who is also a theology professor at the University of Notre Dame. When some church parishioners visited Uganda in 2010 to see the wells, they soon discovered that their gifts provided far more than just water for these communities. On this week's Global Activism, we’ll talk with Father Emmanuel about his work, along with Deacon Ralph Bias of Sacred Heart Church.

Sacred Heart parishioner, Harry Wildfeuer, tells Fr. Katongole's story:

"I'm a member of a small Catholic Church in Joliet, IL that has built eight wells in Uganda in collaboration with a Catholic priest who is a currently a faculty member at the University of Notre Dame...Four years ago six church members went to Uganda and traveled with Father Emmanuel to determine if the six wells we had paid for at that time were, in fact, really providing water to the people they were meant to serve. Each well was successfully meeting small villages and two facilities needs. The two facilities we visited became a new interest and project for the six of us who made this journey. I would like to...communicate what the church has done regarding or is doing with these two facilities: a safe haven for girls fleeing the sex trade and an amazing orphanage."