Global Activism: Princess Kasune Zulu uses her HIV-positive status to save lives

March 27, 2014

Princess Kasune Zulu, founder and acting chair of Fountain of Life and co-author of the book 'Warrior Princess' being interviewed by WBEZ's Alexandra Salomon.

Princess Kasune Zulu was diagnosed with HIV over 17 years ago, at a time when that particular disease carried a heavy burden of stigma in her native Zambia. Since then, Princess Kasune has been advocating for education and healthcare for communities affected by HIV/AIDS. Her journey as the founder and spokesperson for her non-profit Fountain of Life has brought her from a one-room village school in Zambia all the way to the White House. For our Global Activism series, she’ll share her experiences as a leader in the fight against AIDS and discuss how the public conversation has changed about the disease since her diagnosis.