Global Activism: "The Shoe Lady" returns from Uganda

April 10, 2014

Courtesy of Share Your Soles
A boy without shoes in Uganda. Mona Purdy of 'Share Your Soles' says, "No one likes to see photos of this. But visuals like these get the message across clearly."

Mona Purdy of Share Your Soles is just back from a few whirlwind weeks in Africa to expand her operation to Uganda. For Global Activism, “The Shoe Lady” joins us to talk about the pain and joy she saw and experienced. Share Your Soles has distributed more than two million shoes globally to people in desperate need of them. Mona says, “When you choose to make a difference in an innocent child’s life, you bring love, hope and a sense of belonging into their life – as well as your own.”

Mona's Facebook posts from her recent trip to Uganda:

"I'm feeling like I'm high on life this morning. Met with a woman's group here that have 400 HIV positive woman who they give work opportunities and education opportunities to as well. Hoping to partner missions with this group. The big meeting is this morning and if I can control the butterflies in my stomach I feel it will go super great. Hope you are all feeling the love !! Xxx"

"I've been humbled by the living conditions here. I find I am less wasteful of my shampoo, I trim my fruit and vegetables to the core without wasting. I smile when I see someone that makes me so sad I want to cry and I usually get a smile back. I will dance for children to get them to laugh. The family planning has begun in Sudan, Somoli, and Congo Zones as well as the "will work for shoes" program. the connections seem to empower the refugees and allows them to be a viable part of their communities. I am not a morning person but because I am so anxious to be here and learn, laugh and live I am up to wake the you all for the love and support of Share Your Soles xxxx"