Add 2 talks Modern Day Coons and Cotton Fields, Music that Matters.

July 20, 2012

Vivian Mikhail


At the beginning of the movement, Hip Hop music served as a voice for the urban youth, the oppressed, it was a tool used to raise awareness to inner city turmoil.  While that version of Hip Hop is no longer as pervasive as it once was, it still exists. In fact, it is still that Hip Hop that is capable of sparking discussion, addressing societal ills and affecting change. It is that strand of Hip Hop that Add 2 excels at. Through his series of Mixtapes, he has shown that music is still a potent vehicle for social commentary. Add 2 joined Vocalo's Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to talk about his music and why he stands up and speaks his mind.