‘Your dad will be able to raise a boy easier than a girl without a mother’

A story of a pregnant mother’s wrenching decision

November 8, 2012

By Katie Klocksin

When Lynette Bisconti learned she was pregnant, she was full of joy. But then, a few short weeks later, she got news no parent wants to hear.

She tells her 14-year-old son, Frank, about her wrenching decision.

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FRANK: "What was going through your head at that time?"
LYNETTE: "The only thing that was going through my head was one word, sweetheart. And that word was No. No to cancer and no to the recommendation that everybody was giving me and that was to terminate my pregnancy. So I decided to keep you … And my pathology report when it came back was really bad. I had an aggressive cancer. It had spread.

Lynette underwent chemo while pregnant, and then learned she would have a boy.

LYNETTE: "My first thought was: 'Oh, thank God,' because your Dad will be able to raise a boy easier than a girl without a mother."

To find out what happens, and hear about the life lessons she passed along to her son, listen to the audio above.

NOTE: Adam Peindl helped produce this report.