Where was Rep. Aaron Schock at 25?

May 21, 2013

At 31, (soon-to-turn 32 in late May), Congressman Aaron Schock is the youngest participant of the Year 25 series.

It’s a designation he’s pretty used to. He was once the youngest Illinois state representative and school board president—at the same time.

At 25, Schock lived in an old house that was supposed to be condemned by the city of Peoria, Illinois.

But Schock bought it and flipped it himself when he finished college.

Year 25

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He was also a few years into his stint as an Illinois state rep, but that was only a part-time gig. Most of his days were spent in the private sector, working in real estate.

Schock says he had no idea as a 25-year-old that he’d live most of his days in Washington as a federal lawmaker. But as he told WBEZ’s Lauren Chooljian, he’s pleased with how things have turned out so far.

Lauren Chooljian is’ WBEZ’s Morning Producer/Reporter. Follow her @laurenchooljian.

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