Advocacy group wants revamp of state report cards

October 25, 2011

Illinois Public Radio

(Report card courtesy of Advance Illinois)
The new report card would contain information that isn't currently reported publicly--like teacher and principal turnover.

The state of Illinois next week is scheduled to release annual report cards for all Illinois schools. An education advocacy group wants evaluations to be more comprehensive.

Robin Steans is director of Advance Illinois. The group wants legislators to revamp the report cards during the fall veto session. She says reports should prioritize key information, including which schools have the best student success rates after graduation.

"One of the biggest takeaways was this is actually something I can see myself using and understanding and giving me the kind of information I want to know as I'm making decisions about my kids' education and also try to understand what's happening at my child's school," she said.

Steans says she'd like the reports to include the rate of freshmen on track to moving to the next grade. The group also wants to see teacher evaluations and absence information. 

For a mock-up of the proposed new report card, see EXTRAS below.