Illinois' loss of a Congressional seat may have a budget impact

Illinois could lose out on federal funds as its Congressional delegation shrinks

December 22, 2010

By Ashley Gross

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The loss of a Congressional seat for Illinois means the state could lose out on federal dollars. Data from the 2010 Census show that Illinois has been growing more slowly than states in the south and west. Illinois grew by just 3 percent over the past decade while Nevada’s population jumped 35 percent. Arizona’s grew by 25 percent. Those states each gained a seat in Congress while Illinois lost one.

Alan Gitelson is a political science professor at Loyola University Chicago. He said as Illinois’s delegation shrinks, it may lose clout in Congress.

"As Illinois proportionately has fewer seats, it is likely to get proportionately less of federal funding and that it is problematic for the state," Gitelson said.

Gitelson said issues important to the Midwest in general may get less attention. Ohio lost two seats, while Michigan and Iowa each lost one. Indiana remained the same.