Mayor Daley blames easy gun access for Arizona shooting

January 13, 2011

Chicago's mayor says lax gun laws - not political vitriol - allowed for Saturday's mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is blaming the mass shooting in Arizona over the weekend on easy access to guns.

Six people were killed and a U.S. Congresswoman was wounded along with 13 others in a matter of seconds in Tuscon Saturday.

Daley said he doesn't think the shooting was caused by vicious political rhetoric. He said nobody should have an assault weapon like the one used in the attack.

"We're focusing on the wrong things," he said. "All the political [people] are trying to blame somebody. It's the right to carry these guns or have guns in our society like this that kill people. This is what it's supposed to do, kill people. And that's what that individual did. You can have all the guards you want, if someone is five feet from you or ten feet, with a gun like this, no one is going to stop anyone."

Daley said it's difficult to screen people for mental illness when they apply to buy a gun. Daley has been a longtime advocate for restricting gun ownership.