Rahm Emanuel explains why he's forming a new political action committee

March 9, 2011

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(WBEZ/Sam Hudzik)
Emanuel (center) met Wednesday morning with several dozen religious leaders on the city's Southwest Side.

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is explaining why he's forming a committee that will help fund candidates in Chicago runoff elections.

Emanuel's political action committee will be technically separate from his campaign. It is called New Chicago Committee, and will send money and share volunteers with candidates endorsed by the mayor-elect. Out of the 14 upcoming runoff elections for alderman, Emanuel has so far endorsed candidates in eight of them. All but one are incumbents.

Emanuel said Wednesday he is not worried this will look like he's trying to buy support from the council.

"We don't want a rubber stamp city council, and we don't want council war," Emanuel said. "I want a council that will part of the reform agenda, and be a partner in that effort."

Illinois law requires the political action committee to disclose who it gives money to, and where the money comes from.

Emanuel said the committee will be "fully transparent" about its actions.